New Website Goes Live – UC Positioned for Growth


Utility Cloud has a new website that gives prospects, partners, and customers a fresh look at the company’s robust product offering.  The operations management solution is paced for record growth and clients aren’t shy about what the product has done for their organizations.

Going over to Utility Cloud has been the best thing we have done as an upgrade to our company.  It is worth the investment of time to get all the info imported into the system. It pays off. Going digital is where we knew we had to go for the future.

The thing that Utility Cloud does best, their superpower is building systems that increase team productivity.  The result of over 50 years combined operational management expertise that’s been poured into every line of code on the web-based solution, which also has one of the lowest price points for entry.

The new website features a fully responsive, mobile-friendly layout, enhanced graphics, and revised and enhanced product descriptions that relate to the customers’ needs.

I wanted a site that told our story that I could be proud of and that would enable the sales team to make the right first impression on potential customers. Said Mark Moreau, Owner and CEO of AESC the parent company and developer of Utility Cloud.

The site kicks off a season of enhanced sales and marketing activity as the company sets its sights on broadening their reach in the private sector and continuing to grow steadfast markets like municipalities and the energy sector.  Utility Cloud will and always has put the customer first and the new website brings to light that philosophy.

Customers choose Utility Cloud as their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) because every system installed is configured to match the exact requirements on each client’s list.  The mobile-friendly web app is customizable and ready to run in days instead of weeks or months.  These unique features matched with an enterprise hosting platform enable hundreds of users to reach peak performance and report up to management efficiently and with the peace of mind that all of the data is in the right place, at the right time.


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