Utility Cloud v2.16.10

New features coming September 25, 2017


Account, asset, and user search pages

The account, asset, and user search page layouts are updated to improve user navigation. These search pages display a redefined layout to optimize use while preserving the experience on a mobile device. Simply click on the card to edit the record details.

For asset search results, you can optionally show asset attributes to be shown in the search result cards as well as at the top of the asset details page by setting the attribute’s “Show in asset search results” check box in the asset class editor.

New asset details page

The asset details page layout was redesigned to reduce clicks. Simply scroll down to view all the respective information. Click the edit icon to update the asset details. You can even collapse or expand each section or reorder the sections to meet your needs!

The asset details page will also display a list of the searched assets to allow for easier click through navigation when working with multiple assets.

Our new website is here!
Please be sure to visit utilitycloud.us to read about how private and public operators, utilities and engineers are using Utility Cloud to optimize operations and solve real problems every day.

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